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Blackboard: Faculty Training

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UA-PTC Blackboard Support offers Blackboard Training on an ongoing basis throughout the year. 

UA-PTC Blackboard Support seeks to offer a comprehensive training curriculum that addresses a range of faculty and staff support needs. 

Trainings are based upon need.  All new faculty hires are required to attend the Basic Blackboard during PD and NFA. 



Training Descriptions This will be offered as needed during PD week or during the year

Training Title: Blackboard Basics Certification 

Estimated Time: 3 hours live in Teams (session can be divided in needed); 3 Weeks for Independent Certification via handbook and videos.

DescriptionThis course guides instructors through the fundamentals needed to create, organize, customize, and manage a course shell in Blackboard. Instructors will learn the Blackboard use requirement minimums for displaying a syllabus, student handouts, assignments, readings, PowerPoints, hyperlinks, tests, rubrics, etc. Each instructor is required to develop the Blackboard shell for one current course prior to granting of certification. Completion results in Basic Blackboard Certification.

This training is provided via Teams for three, hour session plus individual work in between. Also, cohorts can opt to schedule Independent Certification over a three week period that consists of weekly requirements. 


Training Title: Advanced Online Teaching Certification

Estimated Time: 8 hours (four, two hours sessions with weekly shell development)

Description: Online learning is a challenge for many students. This advanced certification focuses on best practices in online learning delivery in your Blackboard course shell. While Blackboard is used for UAPTC, this is not LMS training; there is emphasis upon research-based pedagogy and andragogy techniques instead. Faculty will develop one current course that exemplifies high quality online education as evaluated through a rigorous grading process. Completion results in Advanced Online Teaching Certificate.  


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