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Education and Reading: Citing Sources

School of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Plagiarism Defined

The Pulaski Technical College Handbook defines plagiarism this way:

"Offering the work of another as one’s own without proper acknowledgment is plagiarism. Therefore, any student who fails to give appropriate credit for ideas or material he/she takes from another, whether fellow student or a resource writer, is guilty of plagiarism. This includes downloading or buying papers from the Internet and cutting and pasting from the Internet without proper acknowledgment."

Examples of APA Citations

If you are unfamiliar with APA citation style here are examples of three basic citations for a print book, a print article that did not come from a database, and a web site. Please use the links in the Citing in APA Format box below for guidance and examples on how to cite the sources you have selected for your research project.

Print Book:

Moomaw, S. (2009). Teaching mathematics in early childhood. Baltimore, MD: Paul                H. Brookes Pub.

Print Journal Article without DOI and Not Retreived from a Database:

Deam, J. (2014). School discipline gone bad. Parents, 89(3), 70-74.

Webpage with Author:

Denton, C. (2007). New child vaccine gets funding boost. Retrieved May 1, 2010, from   

Citing in APA Format

Most Education instructors will require you to format your papers and cite your sources according to APA, or American Psychological Association, format. These links should help you format your papers and cite your sources correctly:

Documenting Print Sources in APA - Diana Hacker

Documenting Online Sources in APA - Diana Hacker

Citing PTC Databases and E-books

Citing Web Sites and Web Pages

Sample APA Formatted Paper

APA Format LibGuide


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