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Academic Assessment: About this Group

Academic Assessment

Academic Assessment Mission Statement

Given the overall mission of the College, the mission of the Assessment Committee is to promote student learning and student success. Our interpretation of student success is that students learn what they need to know in order to accomplish their goals, which in most cases are related to career preparation/advancement and/or to transfer to a senior institution. Thus, the Assessment Committee will focus on instructional program evaluation and improvement, with the objective of maximizing student learning outcomes and student achievement.

Academic Assessment Committee Members

Casey Bailey, LMS Administrator
James Becker, Instructor of Psychology
David Carpenter, Instructor of Visual Arts
Terry Hunkapiller, Tracking Specialist, Perkins
George Lauster, Instructor of Chemistry and Microbiology
Michael Loya, Instructor of Psychology
Joe McAfee, Instructor of Electronics
Michael McMillan, Instructor of Computer and Information Systems
Paula Miles, Instructor of Biology and Botany
Kelly Owens, Vice President for Student Services
Terry Patterson, Curriculum Assessment Technology Specialist
Jayne Pyle, Professional Development Institute
Ben Rains, Instructor of Biology
Renee Smith, Director, Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute
Rebecca Sterling, Interim Dean of Business and Information Technology
Veronica Stewart, Instruction and Assessment Librarian
Mary Kate Terrell, Instructor of Sociology/Anthropology
Darrellyn Williams, Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology
Jasmine Williams, CAT Specialist

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