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Natural and Physical Sciences: Find Books

Search the Online Catalog

You can search for both print and electronic books through the Library's online catalog. Type the keyword(s) in the search bar below and then hit 'Search'. Keywords can be any combination of words from the author, title, or subject fields. Examples are:

  • Chemistry
  • phys* and outer space (will retrieve physics, physical, and so on COMBINED with outer space)
  • Charles Darwin (books by or about Charles Darwin)

Tip: Keep in mind that you only need a few keywords for any search.  The more words you enter the fewer results you will find.  Try to limit your keywords to 3 or less. 

Additionally, you don't not have to search by keyword. You can also search by Title, Author, Subject, Journal Title, or Call Number. Keyword searching is the best choice though when looking for a resources on a topic.

Browsing the Shelves

If you'd prefer to peruse our shelves rather than search our catalog, most biology books can be located under the following Library of Congress call numbers beginning with QH. Further specific subclass locations are:

  • National History (General): QH 1-278.5
  • Biology (General): QH 301-705.5
  • Evolution: QH 35-425
  • Genetics: QH 471-489 Reproduction
  • Life: QH 501-531
  • Ecology: QH 540-549.5
  • Cytology: QH 573-671
  • Economics Biology: QH 705-705.5

Additional biology resources located outside of the QH call numbers:

  • Botany: QK 1-989
  • Zoology: QL 1-991
  • Human Anatomy: QM 1-695
  • Physiology: QP 1-(989)
  • Microbiology: QR 1-502

You can also browse the catalog for books and DVDs using these subject keywords.

Biology Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

EBSCOhost eBook Databases

You no longer have to come to the Library to read books in our collection! 

  EBSCOhost eBook Collection     eBook Community College Collection

  • Available off-campus using your myPTC username and password 
  • Provides online access to full-text books coering a wide range of subjects
  • Over 20,000 titles that were originally published on paper but are now available online
  • Read directly from your computer screen
  • Print up to 60 pages (Note: There is a 20 page print limit in the Library)
  • Create PDFs of chapters or page ranges (up to 60 pages)
  • Download eBooks to your computer, Apple or Android devices, and Kindle for up to 2 weeks!

Downloading eBooks requires signing up for a free MyEBSCOhost account as well as additional viewing requirements. The viewing requirements for different devices are:

  • Computer: Adobe® Digital Editions 1.7.1 or higher is required for offline viewing (To sign up for and download this software is free.)
  • Apple or Android devices: Bluefire Reader is recommended (This app can be downloaded from your respective App Store for free.)
  • Kindle: PDFs can be created in the eBook Full Text view and transferred using Send To Kindle (Instructions on how to use the Send to Kindle feature can be found here)

Instructions for downloading eBooks to various devices:

Interesting Books and eBooks Related to Biology

Below is a list of biology related books and ebooks the library has in the collection. In order to access ebooks off-campus you will need to use your student ID # and 8 digit birthday to log in. (Example: Log In: 123456789 / Password: 01011900)

Ottenheimer-North Library

Ottenheimer-South Library

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