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Microsoft Outlook: Organizing your Email: Home

This page contains links and information on using Microsoft Outlook to organize your email. It focuses on the Outlook application, not the web version.

Microsoft Outlook: Being More Organized

Microsoft Outlook includes many features to help you be more organized and productive. The following files include information and instructions to help you get started. Instructions include screenshots of each step. More information can be found online through various sources.

This handout briefly covers several features in Outlook: Take Your Inbox by the Horns: Being More Productive with Outlook

Please note that the following applies to the Outlook application on your computer, not the Office 365.

These tools include:

Search Folders: Have you ever had an email that you needed to file, but it would fit in multiple folders? For example, you want to folkd it in a particular project, but it also contains information on a colleague's project and some instructions from your supervisor. Where do you file it? Search Folders solves your problem.

Signature Lines: A Signature Line contains contact information and is automatically inserted at the end of your email message. Learn how to create a signature line for your email.

Quick Parts: This feature allows you to save blocks of regularly used text to quickly insert them in your email. This is a great tool if you find yourself typing standard responses to email on a regular basis.

Rules: Outlook includes a feature that allows you to create rules for what to do with your email when it comes in. For example, you may want your newsletters from Faculty Focus to go into their own folder to read at a later time. You might also want to receive a sound alert when you receive email from your supervisor. This tool allows you to do just that.

Filters: The filter feature in Outlook is similar to Rules. Outlook has default filters that allow you to quickly pull up email that fits certain criteria, such as all unread email, email with attachments, large email, or email that has been assigned to a category.

Calendar: Outlook Calendar is full of features that make it easier to stay organized. This handout shows you how to share your calendar with others, how to schedule meetings with invitees, how to set up reminders and recurring events, and how to create multiple calendars.

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