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Council and Committee Meeting Resources: Home

This guide includes training, resources, and links to help council and committee members.

Shared Governance

To access the LibGuide for all of the committees, visit the Shared Governance Archive. Other shared governance information is located on the UA-PTC Shared Governance website.

Naming Conventions

Document Naming Conventions

Meeting documents should follow the following naming conventions. This will keep the names consistent and easier to identify and locate.  Agendas and minutes should be named  with the 4-digit year (YYYY), 2-digit month (MM), 2-digit date (DD), council or committee acronym, and the name of the document. The meeting date is always YYYY-MM-DD. Additional documents shared in the meeting should be named by the original file name with the council/committee acronym and full date (as indicated above) in parentheses.

Important! Save all documents in the PDF format before uploading to the LibGuide.

Document Type  

Naming Convention

 For example, the Valuing Stakeholders (VSC) agenda for September 19, 2018, documents would be listed as:


  YYYY-MM-DD  ABC Agenda

  2018-09-19 VSC Agenda


  YYYY-MM-DD ABC Minutes

  2018-09-19 VSC Minutes

  Other Documents

  File Name (ABC YYYY-MM-DD)

  Employee Awards (VSC 2018-09-19)

  In the examples in the middle column above, “ABC” represents the council or committee acronym.  

If you cannot see the full table above, stretch the window wider.

This information and more can be found in the printer-friendly instructions at the right, Accessing and Uploading Meeting Documents to LibGuides.

Timelines and Meeting Dates

Timelines and Meeting Dates

Refer to the Shared Governance Guidelines for more information.

  • Agenda items should be submitted to the committee at least five (5) business days before the meeting, by 5 p.m.  If you are going to announce the meeting and request agenda items, you will want to send your announcement out earlier than this.
  • Meeting notices and the tentative agenda must be sent out at least three (3) business days in advance of the meeting.  
  • Agendas should be posted to LibGuides by the day of the meeting.
  • Approved minutes must be posted within three (3) business days of the approval meeting.
  • All shared governance groups will meet once a month, with the exception of January or June through August. Meeting Calendar
  • Some committee meetings fall on holidays.  Committee members must determine if they need to reschedule the meeting or if the meeting will be cancelled.


Meeting Resources

Meeting Documents

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