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Staff Senate: About this Group

Staff Senate Purpose

The primary purposes of the Staff Senate shall be:

  1. To serve as a representative body and voice for staff employees in the governance of the College, and to formulate recommendations to the College’s administration.   
  2. To foster a spirit of unity and collaboration among all employees of the College.
  3. To provide a forum for information exchange and communication among staff pertaining to matters of interest and concern to College staff.
  4. To provide a venue where employee representatives may propose, consider debate and recommend action on issues that directly or indirectly affect staff.
  5. To advocate for the welfare of staff employees.
  6. To promote the maintenance of programs that enhance the professional and educational development of staff employees.

Staff Senate Membership

President:  Sara Osborne, Mail & Shipping Supervisor – Institutional Support/Services
Vice President:  Steve Armstrong, Library Technician - Academic and Student Support/Services
Secretary:  Mary Gall, Training Coordinator - Institutional Support/Services
Historian:  Amanda Kennedy, Administrative Specialist III – Academic and Student Support/Services


Senator A’s term expires June 30th, 2021   Senator B’s term expires June 30th, 2020

District 1:  Academic and Student Support/Services

Senator A
Cassandra Woods, Director of Advising & Career Services
Daphne Hale, Administrative Assistant III
Katie Davis, Access Services Librarian
Senator B
Ashley Henry-Saorrono, Associate Director Admissions
LaRhonda Fulcher,  Director Saline County Adult Education
Molly Grellner, Special Instructor

District 2:  Institutional Support/Services
Senator A
Jennifer Blaylock, Institutional Research and Reporting Coordinator
Regina Fossette, Human Resource Generalist
Lennon Parker, Information Technology Services
Senator B
Adora Curry, Annual Giving/Alumni Relations Manager
Sarah Rusher, Administrative Specialist III
Shane Caple, Maintenance Operation Manager

Staff Senate Sub-Committees

Committee on the Staff Involvement & Elections (CSIE)


The Committee on Staff Involvement and Elections coordinates regular and special elections of the Staff Senate, and ensures the proper staffing of at-large seats of shared governance groups.

Committee Membership:
Chair: Steve Armstrong (Vice-President)
Mary Gall (Secretary)
Daphne Hale (District 1, Senator A)
Katie Davis (District 1, Senator A)
Lennon Parker (District 2, Senator A)
Molly Grellner (District 1, Senator B)
Adora Curry (District 2, Senator B)
Shane Caple (district 2, Senator B)

Committee on Legislation, Initiatives, & Research (CLIR)


The Committee on Legislation, Initiatives, & Research coordinates the review of Staff policies and Staff Senate legislation, and monitors issues that affect staff.

Committee Membership:
Chair: Sara Osborne (President)
Amanda Kennedy (Historian)
Jennifer Blaylock (District 2, Senator A)
Regina Fossette (District 2, Senator A)
Cassandra Woods (District 1, Senator A)
Ashley Henry-Saorrono (District 1, Senator B)
LaRhonda Fulcher (District 1, Senator B)
Sara Rusher (District 2, Senator B)



Staff Senate Meeting Dates/ Locations

All meetings will begin at 2:00 p.m. and will be virtual until further notice.

•             August 6, 2020
•             September 3, 2020
•             October 1, 2020
•             November 5, 2020
•             December 3, 2020
•             February 4, 2021
•             March 4, 2021
•             April 1, 2021
•             May 6, 2021
•             June 3, 2021


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