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Valuing Stakeholders: About this Group

Valuing Stakeholders


The Valuing Stakeholders Council exists to provide guidance to the college administration and the board, through the College Council, on all elements of the mission of the college aimed at workforce acquisition, satisfaction, retention, and success including policies, procedures, professional development, position description, and workforce performance/competency evaluation.

Valuing Stakeholders Council Charter


List Voting Members by Name, Title, School/Division/Department, and Membership Type:

  • Mary Gall, Training Coordinator, Professional Development Institute Permanent Recorder
  • Mark Stafford, Police Chief, Police and Public Safety, Representative
  • Open, Counseling and Disability Services, Representative
  • Don Spitler; Instructor of Speech Communication, SoFAHSS, Faculty At-large
  • Jason Martin, Instructor of History; Center for Humanities and Arts, Faculty At-large
  • Christa Jones, Instructor of Nursing, Science, Math, and Allied Health, Faculty At-large
  • Meredith Stanton, Instructor of English, Center for Humanities and Arts, Faculty At-large
  • Open, Faculty At-large
  • Shanda Thornton, Instructor of Culinary, Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Faculty At-large
  • Sarah Swander, Admissions Counselor, Admissions & FA, Staff At-large 
  • Sarah Rusher, Administrative Assistant, Police and Public Safety, Staff At-large
  • Steven Armstrong, Library Technician, Library, Staff At-large 
  • Briana Harvey, Student At-large

List Non-Voting Members by Name, Title, School/Division/Department, and Membership Type:

  • Regina Fossette, Director of Human Resources Permanent, Chair
  • Charlette Moore, Chief Financial Officer, Permanent

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