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Valuing People: About this Group


Jayne Pyle, chair (

Amanda Kennedy, recorder (

General Information

Purpose of the Valuing People Standing Committee

The Valuing People Standing Committee (VPSC) of UA - Pulaski Technical College exists to provide guidance to the college administration and board of trustees, through the Quality Council, on all elements of the academic mission of the college aimed at student success. Activities of the VPSC include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1.  Research and recommend best practice for workforce engagement and satisfaction
  2. In conjunction with the Office of Human Resources recommends an Annual Plan for Human Resources inclusive of capacity assessment, succession planning and competency review.
  3. Establish workforce behavior standards
  4. Review and recommend content and format for annual performance evaluation and workforce competency reviews
  5. Establish guidelines and recommend an annual plan for professional development
  6. Recommend and provide oversight to the college’s employee recognition programs
  7. With the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, define the process for individual level strategic involvement and engagement
  8. Review information and recommend strategies to support employee engagement and satisfaction
  9. Participate in the review and development of policies and procedures required to support the workforce focus purpose and goals

Sub-Committees of the Valuing People Standing Committee

The VPSC will be responsible for the work and reporting of the following sub-committees: 

  1. HR Policies & Procedures
  2. Handbook
  3. Job Description, Behavior Standards & Performance Evaluation
  4. Benefits
  5. Compensation
  6. Professional Development
  7. Recruitment and Selection
  8. Onboarding & Orientation
  9. Workforce Diversity & Inclusion
  10. Workforce Engagement, Satisfaction & Recognition

Committee Chair: Jayne Pyle, director, Professional Development Institute

PEC Liaison (non-voting member): Sherry Young, AVP for Human Resources & Employee Relations

Total Committee Members: No more than 15 and no fewer than 5 excluding the PEC Liaison


Employees become voting members of the Standing Committee by virtue of their position, appointment, or elected membership. 

  1. The following members will be permanent members:
    • Director, Professional Development Institute
    • Benefits Coordinator
    • Recruitment Coordinator
    • HR Generalist
    • Academic Dean
  2. The committee will have an active membership of no more than 15 members and no fewer than 5 members.
  3. The committee will be made up of a combination of faculty and staff striving to achieve a 50–50 balance. The 50–50 balance is not mandatory but is a goal.

Members will serve for two-year terms with approximately half the members named each year. Any change in the membership structure of the VPSC must be approved by the Quality Council.  Ad-Hoc, non-voting members may be appointed to fill a short-term process or specific function.

Permanent Members

Jayne Pyle, Director - PDI

Patricia Stapler - HR

Todd Gold, Dean – CAHMI

Tara Rice - HR 

Reba Treece - HR

 At-Large Members

Kimberly Blackmon, Student Services

Daphne Hale, Student Services

Dr. Michael Julian, MNSS

Amanda Kennedy, Police Department

Barbara Jones, Business Office

Deborly Wade, MNSS/part-time faculty

Allen Loibner-Waitkus, FAH

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Ottenheimer-South Library

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