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Mathematics: Finding Articles

Useful Databases

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great resource to see what type of scholarly articles have been written on your topic. While you may not be able to read the full-text article through Google Scholar, you can always search our databases to see if the full-text is available through our subscriptions.

Google Scholar Search

Journals vs. Trade vs. Magazines

Here's a guide to help you determine the article you found is a scholarly, trade, or magazine source.

Scholarly Trade Magazine
Content Articles reporting research, methodology, and theory Short articles about a certain business or industry Current events and general interest articles
Purpose Share research and scholarship with academic community To inform those in a business or industry about relevant news, trends, and products To inform, entertain, and elicit emotion regarding personalities, news, and general interests
Author Researchers, professors; credentials provided Members of a specific business, industry, or organization; staff writers Non-professionals; Frequently journalists; may or may not have expertise
Audience Scholars and researchers including college students Industry professionals General public

Review (Accountability)

Editorial board; some are peer-reviewed; bibliographies Editors working for publication; might have short bibliography; not peer-reviewed Editors working for publication; not experts
Advertisement Few, if any Moderate; geared toward products for industry professionals Heavy; numerous glossy ads and photos for lots of products
Appearance Plain; black and white graphics/illustrations supporting findings Glossy, colorful, and numerous photos Glossy and large with lots of color pictures; catchy titles
Frequency Quarterly or semi-annually Usually weekly or monthly Usually weekly or monthly
Citations Bibliographies; footnotes/endnotes None or very short bibliographies None
Examples Journal of Abnormal Psychology; American Libraries

Time; Health; Entertainment Weekly; Sports Illustrated

Subject Guide

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Research Process

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