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National Library Week: Veronica Stewart

Know Your Librarian

Name: Veronica Stewart

Position: Outreach and Assessment Librarian

Books I Like

Why did the chicken go to the library?

Why I became a librarian

I wish I had a romantic story about how the library was a special place for me as a child or that a librarian was helpful to me when I was struggling in English Composition, but I don’t. The cold hard fact is that I became a librarian basically because I didn’t see much else I could do to earn a living.

I was born with a physical disability which can limit the things that I do. Growing up in Jacksonville I noticed that most of the jobs adults did were things that I could not do: factory work, food service, and any job in the Air Force were all off limits to me. From my narrow view of the world that pretty much left teacher, librarian, or secretary. I read a lot, because this was the dark ages before the internet and I couldn’t run the streets with the other kids, so I thought librarian was a logical choice.

Then I found out that you had to have Masters’ degree. No one I knew had a Masters’ degree. And anyway, why do you need a Masters degree to shelve books!?! But library assistants don’t have to have a college degree so that was my plan until I was actually admitted to college. So I went and lacking the foresight to predict the slow demise of the print journalism that’s what I majored in. Obviously not my best decision so I returned to school for my Masters’ in Library and Information Studies.

It turns out that librarians do a lot more than shelve books. As a two-year college librarian, I play a vital role in the education of you, the Pulaski Technical College student. I plan and present those Information Literacy Instructions where we show you how to research your papers. I assist you on an individual basis when you ask for help on your projects. I select and catalog the books, videos, and periodicals that you check out from the library. I promote and participate in library and college events and, along with two library assistants, make sure that the LR-South Library is a comfortable place to study and learn.

There’s more of course, but it’s the downhill slide toward finals week and you’ve got better things to do than read about me. If you need help, stop by, call, or email. We’re here if you need us.

It's a Book by Lane Smith

The Librarians are Hiding Something...

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