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National Library Week: Katie Davis

About Katie


Hometown:  Camden, Arkansas

Job Title:  Access Services Librarian

Favorite authors:  Truman Capote, Douglas Coupland, Muriel Spark

Favorite movies: A Place in the Sun, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, About a Boy


Why I Became a Librarian

I loved my college experience.  As a first generation college student, I heard lots of cautionary stories about the difficulties of college balanced with advice on the economic benefits of having a degree.  The actual experience of college proved to be so much more.  I came to see a world of opportunities that I never knew existed and met people who made that world more colorful.  At the center of this environment was the library. 

My hometown and school libraries--the only ones I'd ever known--were small, cozy, and familiar.  In comparison, my college library was overflowing.  Sometimes, I would go between classes and browse the magazines and literature, absolutely amazed by how much was now at my fingertips. The honeymoon ended when I started being assigned research papers in my English classes.  Running around trying to find information for my paper the night before a paper was due, staying in the library till they had to kick me out....  Yep, I was not only a procrastinator but also a person amazed to realize how little she knew about libraries.  Eventually, I had to throw my hands up and ask for help.  Those were frustrating times, and they made me truly understand the value of librarians. 

Finding the right information at the right time can be a turning point in a person’s life, whether it is for a class or personal reasons.  Librarians help people do just that.  Whatever a person may be searching for, we are here to help them find it. 

The award for most awesome librarian goes to...

Why Libraries are Important PSA

Ah, Late Fees....

Even "hot-shot" celebrities get late fees.

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