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Committee for Faculty Involvement (CFI): About this Group

Committee for Faculty Involvement (CFI)

The Committee on Faculty Involvement (CFI) of  UA-Pulaski Technical College exists to provide guidance to the college administration and board of trustees, through the Quality Council, on all elements of the academic mission of the college aimed at student success.  Activities of the CFI include (but are not limited to) the following:

Maintaining faculty seating on campus wide committees, manage changes and additions to the faculty handbook and faculty job description, develop, manage, and provide training for the faculty evaluation plan.

Identification of Key Customers/Stakeholders and Their Requirements

Key Customers/Stakeholders                                     Input Methods

Faculty members                                                        Surveys, Focus groups,                    

                                                                                   Visits/discussions, Evaluations,

                                                                                   Social Media, Complaints

Guiding Principles

Committee of Faculty Involvement is guided by the following principles aimed at improving student success:

1.       Committed Leadership

2.       Use of Evidence

3.       Broad Engagement

4.       Systemic Institutional Improvement

5.       Equity


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