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Voting: Staying Active

Next Steps

Election day is not the end. It is just the beginning.

Staying active and engaged with your elected leaders keeps you involved in the democratic process and ensures that your views continue to be heard. Holding elected officials accountable is as important as the vote that put them in office.

Find out who your elected officials are and keep their contact information in a convenient place. 

Ballotpedia will generate a list of your elected officials with links to their official websites containing their contact information.


Upcoming Issues

Let your representatives know whether or not you support upcoming bills they will be voting on. allows you to create a free account, indicate your support or opposition to upcoming bills, and share those views with your elected officials.


Ways to Be Politically Active

When to contact your Representative?

Positive feedback is as important as negative. 

Contact your representative to let them know:

  • What upcoming bills you approve or do not approve of
  • Whether or not you agree with their actions, and why
  • To thank them for anything you appreciate
  • To bring their attention to an issue you find important

Remember, their job is to represent you in government... So let them know what you think!

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