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Speech Communication: Fear of Public Speaking

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Speech Tip: Visualize Your Success, To Minimize Your Stress

Speaking Essentials

Speaking Essentials. Films Media Group, 2010. Films On Demand. Web. 13 January 2011. 
Does giving a typical business presentation put a person in mortal danger? Of course not, but statistics suggest that many people dread public speaking more than they fear death. This program shows students ways to overcome that kind of paralysis and transform it into positive energy.
Please Note: This video was produced outside of University of Arkansas-Pulaski Technical College.  Therefore, talk to your instructor about ice breaker activities and handouts.

Just Say It! Exploring the Fear of Public Speaking

Just Say It! Exploring the Fear of Public Speaking. Films Media Group, 2007. Films On Demand. Web. 13 January 2011.
The average person, it’s said, feels more anxiety about talking in front of a group than about dying. So what drives some people to get up and give speeches? How do they overcome their fear? (73 minutes)

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