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Speech Communication: Informative Speech Module

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Audience Analysis

Gather Relevant Information About Audience

  • Why is the audience in attendance?
  • What common interests do audience members have?
  • How familiar are they with the topic?
  • How familiar are they with your sources of information?

Develop Audience Profile

  • What external characteristics (e.g., age, gender, race) are relevant for this speech?
  • What internal characteristics (e.g., attitudes and beliefs) are relevant for this speech?

Gather Relevant Information About Speaking Situation

  • Where is the speech to be delivered?
  • How will the audience be arranged?
  • Will there be a public address system?
  • Will you have freedom of movement?

Make Necessary Adjustments To Your Message

  • What message do you want the audience to accept from you?
  • Which audience characteristics will help your audience understand your message?
  • To which characteristics can you most easily relate?
  • Which of these characteristics represent roadblocks to understanding?
  • What situational factors will make a difference to your audience’s understanding of your message?

UA-PTC Speech Contest 2015

UA-PTC Speech Contest 2021

1st place - Music Benefits - Harmony Skinner

UA-PTC Speech Contest 2021

2nd Place - Insight to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Chacall Charles

2021 UA-PTC Speech Contest 2021

3rd place - Autonomous Cars - Stephen Krooms

UA-PTC Speech Contest 2020

1st Place - The Benefits of Cold Showers - Will Porter

UA-PTC Speech Contest 2020

2nd Place - Women in Leadership - Lena Albeik

UA-PTC Speech Contest 2018

UA-PTC Speech Contest 2018

UA-PTC Speech Contest 2018

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