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Speech Communication: Visual Aids

PowerPoint Template

Common PowerPoint Mistakes

Common Mistakes Made When Presenting Your PowerPoint Presentation.

With all the effort you put into creating the presentation, it makes sense to actually present it well. Below are four common mistakes people tend to make when giving a PowerPoint presentation, and how to correct them.

  • Facing the screen instead of the audience
  • Leaving a slide on the screen too long
  • Audience is very impressed by all the animations and other special things I use
  • Lighting in the room will not make much difference to my slide show

* For more detailed information, see attachment below.


It’s Academic. (2006). Power point presentations do’s and don’ts. Retrieved from

Visual Aids Guide

Guidelines For Using Visual Aids

  • Make sure your visual aids are large enough for everyone in the audience to see from any point in the room.
  • Never obscure or block the visual aid with your body, i.e., do not stand in front of your presentational aids.  Determine where you will place or show them and use a pointer to avoid blocking your audience’s view.
  • Use your visual at the appropriate time, i.e., refer to it at the time you are talking about it.  Don’t wait until the end of your presentation and then display/use your visual.
  • Explain and interpret all important elements of the visual for the audience.
  • When talking about the visual aid, use the same words that are used in the title and labels of the visual aid.
  • Always talk to your audience, not to the visual aid.  Discuss the content while maintaining eye contact with your audience.
  • Practice using your presentational aids until you feel comfortable with them.  It becomes quite obvious to your listeners if you’re uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the aids you’ve selected.
  • Make a “note” in your notes about when/where/how to use visual.

PowerPoint Do's and Don'ts

Presenting With PowerPoint - 15 Do’s and Don’ts

1.     Hold up your end with compelling material

2.     Keep it simple

3.     Minimize statistics & facts in slides

4.     Don't parrot PowerPoint

5.     Avoid difficult to read fonts

6.     Avoid text with shadows

7.     Avoid choosing too many fonts

8.     Set up the presentation before you begin

9.      Make fonts large for visibility

10.   Time your remarks

11.   Give it a rest

12.    Use vibrant colors

13.    Import other images and graphics

14.    Distribute handouts at the end — not during the presentation

15.    Edit ruthlessly before presenting

* For more detailed information, see attachment below.


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MicroSoft Small Business Center (2010). Presenting with power point: do’s and don’ts. Retrieved

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