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Multimedia Tools: Interactive Whiteboard Apps

Enhance your instruction and/or presentations with these nifty tools.

Whiteboard Apps

These free apps--Show Me, Educreations, and Doceri--function as virtual white boards on which you can record what you draw on the screen and make an accompanying audio recording. 

Add pictures from your iPad photo roll, resize them, and draw or make notes on them while you record voice-over narration. 

Provide students with visual and auditory explanations of concepts, and use this app to personalize your online instruction.

Think Khan Academy--these apps allow you to create videos like Khan's.

Ex.:  How do I work this math problem?

How do I diagram this sentence?

How do I break down and interpret this poem?

Advantages of Using This Technology

~A “lecture capture” where you never have to be on camera!  Recycle your traditional lectures by re-using PowerPoint slides or other images, and make them dynamic by highlighting and adding text and drawings as you speak.

~Encourages “anytime learning”.  Students can pause, replay, et cetera, on their own time.

~Useful for the “flipped classroom” model, which moves content learning outside of the classroom, and uses class time for more engaging learning activities.

~A/V materials that are personalized for your classes and tailored to meet their needs

~Addresses different learning styles: visual and auditory         

~Appeals to the learning practices of digital natives

~iPad and stylus can be checked out from the library!

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