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Multimedia Tools: Screen Capture

Enhance your instruction and/or presentations with these nifty tools.

Sharing your videos

Panopto hosts the videos and provides direct links and embed code for the videos. Screenr can host videos created with the program, and provides direct links and embed codes to the video, but they also give you the option of publishing videos to YouTube or downloading the MP4 video file for futher editing.  Online sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Screencast can host videos as well.


Would your students benefit from video demonstrations of certain computer applications?  With "screen caputure"  or "screencasting" tools, you can record of what happens on your computer screen and make simple how-to videos for your students.

Ex:  How do I work this math problem?

How do I set up my paper in APA format?

How do I create a MyLabsPlus account?

Free Screencasting Tools

Screenr is a free screen capture program.  Screenr allows you to capture up to 5 minutes of  video with the options to share the video; embed in a website; publish to YouTube; or download the MP4 file for further editing.  Screenr is EASY to use!

ZD Soft Screen Recorder

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