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Chicago Style Format:17th Edition-In text Citations : Audiovisual


Citing a film viewed in a physical format

When you viewed the film in a physical format (e.g. DVD, Blu-ray), include information about the format in your note and bibliography entry.

If the physical release is from a different year to the original theatrical release, list the original year first, before the production company or distributor.

Chicago bibliography Director last name, First name, director. Film Title. Original Release Year; Production Company or Distributor, Year. Film length. Format.

Bong Joon-ho, director. Parasite. 2019; Curzon Artificial Eye, 2020. 2 hr., 11 min. Blu-ray Disc, 1080p HD.

Full note Film Title, directed by Director first name Last name (Original Release Year; Production Company or Distributor, Year), Timestamp(s), Format.

1. Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-ho (2019; Curzon Artificial Eye, 2020), 1:15:27, Blu-ray Disc, 1080p HD.

Short note Shortened Film Title, Timestamp(s).

2. Parasite, 0:51:17.

Movie from a video streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc)

In Chicago notes and bibliography style, a bibliography entry for a film viewed online (e.g. on a streaming platform like Netflix) lists the director as the author, with the label “director” after their name. State the length of the film in hours and minutes, and include a URL at the end.

In a note, start with the film title, followed by the director’s name. You can point the reader to a specific scene or moment in the film using timestamps.

Chicago bibliography Director last name, First name, director. Film Title. Production Company or Distributor, Year. Film length. URL.

Weir, Peter, director. The Truman Show. Paramount Pictures, 1998. 1 hr., 43 min.

Full note Film Title, directed by Director first name Last name (Production Company or Distributor, Year), Timestamp(s), URL.

1. The Truman Show, directed by Peter Weir (Paramount Pictures, 1998), 1:31:15.

Short note Shortened Film Title, Timestamp(s).

2. Truman Show, 1:11:35 to 1:13:59.

YouTube Video


 In Chicago notes and bibliography style, it’s recommended to cite YouTube videos (and other online videos, except for films) only in your notes and omit them from the bibliography.

List a video in your bibliography if it’s crucial to your argument, you cite it often, or your university requires you to.

Including the video length is optional. In a note, a specific timestamp or range may be included to show the relevant location in the video.

Chicago YouTube video citation
Chicago bibliography Author last name, First name. “Video Title.” Additional information. Month Day, Year. Format, Video length. URL.

Liu, Jessica. “How to Write a Strong Essay Conclusion.” Scribbr. February 8, 2021. Educational video, 3:50.

Full note Author first name Last name, “Video Title,” Additional information, Month Day, Year, Format, Video length or Timestamp(s), URL.

1. Jessica Liu, “How to Write a Strong Essay Conclusion,” Scribbr, February 8, 2021, educational video, 0:28 to 0:55,

Short note Author last name, “Shortened Video Title,” Timestamp(s).

2. Liu, “Essay Conclusion,” 0:56.


When citing a podcast, set the podcast title in italics, and the episode title (and number, if it is included in the title of the episode) in roman with quotation marks. The date of publication should be included after the episode title rather than before the medium, as shown below.

Note: Inclusion of the word “podcast” follows the same guidelines as inclusion of the word “blog” above. “Podcast, MP3 audio” is used below, then, as an example placeholder and would not necessarily be required for this specific example.

N:. Sean Cole and Ira Glass, “622: Who You Gonna Call?,” August 4, 2017, in This American Life, produced by WBEZ, podcast, MP3 audio, 1:00:27,

B:Cole, Sean and Ira Glass. “622: Who You Gonna Call?.” Produced by WBEZ. This American Life. August 4, 2017. Podcast, MP3 audio, 1:00:27.

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