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Assessment efforts made by UA-Pulaski Technical College Libraries

UA-PTC Libraries Mission

The primary mission of the UA-Pulaski Technical College Libraries is to provide services and materials that support and reflect the mission of UA-Pulaski Technical College. The Libraries function in support of the academic, distance, vocational, and technical curricula by providing an array of information resources in a variety of formats. They serve as an educational facility where students and faculty may learn methods of accessing, retrieving, and evaluation information.

UA-PTC Libraries Goals

1.        To provide access to current and authoritative information resources that will support the needs of the College and promote student success.

2.        To serve as a resource to UA-PTC patrons by providing materials of quality, diversity, relevance, and balance that will promote the development of critical analysis skills and informed judgment.

3.        To assist patrons with the construction of search strategies that result in the effective use of library resources.

4.        To function as a resource in providing access to information and materials in other libraries through participation in regional and national information networks and systems.

5.        To provide a collection of materials relevant to professional development and enrichment for faculty and staff.

6.        To provide qualified personnel to serve students, faculty, staff, and patrons, to develop and maintain the collections, and to evaluate services and activities on a continuing basis.

7.        To provide a clean, safe, attractive and reasonably quiet environment that will encourage study and academic scholarship.

For more information, see the UA-PTC Libraries Library Services Handbook.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

1. Information Literacy
2. Technology Literacy
3. Communication
4. Critical Thinking
5. Quantitative Reasoning
6. Cultural Awareness
7. Professionalism

For more information visit the UA-PTC Institutional Learning Outcomes website.

Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes

1. Leadership
2. Inclusiveness
3. Social Responsibility
4. Mindfulness
5. Lifelong and Global Learning

For more information visit the UA-PTC Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes website.


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