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UA-Pulaski Technical College Libraries Assessment: Library Statistics

Assessment efforts made by UA-Pulaski Technical College Libraries

UA-PTC Ottenheimer Libraries Holdings

As of the 2018-2019 academic year UA-PTC students had access to the following through the Ottenheimer Libraries:

34,282 print books

164,656 electronic books

76 databases with millions of articles

126 print periodicals

Library Usage 2018-2019

Total physical items circulated: 3,231

Total electronic items accessed: 104,313

Interlibrary loan items received: 4

Total reference transactions: 5,810

Information Literacy Instructions: 78

Gate Count: 76,116

Library Usage 2017-2018

Total physical items circulated: 3,361

Total electronic items accessed: 113,286

Interlibrary loan items received: 9

Total reference transactions: 5,645

Information Literacy Instructions: 49

Gate Count: 81,696

Library Usage 2016-2017

Total physical items circulated: 2,052

Total electronic items accessed: 155,626

Interlibrary loan items received: 44

Total reference transactions: 8,879

Information Literacy Instructions: 61

Gate Count: 58,271

Library Usage 2015-2016

Total physical items circulated: 4,779

Total electronic items accessed: 141,992

Interlibrary loan items received: 25

Total reference transactions: 11,741

Information Literacy Instructions: 85

Gate Count: 96,570

Library Usage 2013-2014

Total physical items circulated: 7,107

Total electronic items accessed: 42,895

Interlibrary loan items received: 99

Total reference transactions: 15,884

Information Literacy Instructions: 101

Gate Count: 145,675

Library Usage 2014-2015

Total physical items circulated: 6,232

Total electronic items accessed: 181,992

Interlibrary loan items received: 67

Total reference transactions: 16,751

Information Literacy Instructions: 56

Gate Count: 108,440

Ottenheimer-North Library

Ottenheimer-South Library

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