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Professional Development Institute: ACUE Course on Effective Teaching Practices

Professional Development

Next Cohort


Unless something changes, there will only be one more cohort of ACUE’s course on Effective Teaching Practices.  The start and end dates have not been determined, but we will begin next fall, with the first day being a live meeting during PD Week.  Once the current cohort is over, we will discuss the schedule and determine how long the course will run.  The current cohort is a semester and a half (final day is February 23).

If you are interested in participating in the final offering, complete the form.  I will keep the form open until the end of the semester (unless we get a full cohort before then).

Sign up for Final ACUE Cohort (starting Fall 2020)


About the Course

ACUE’s course in Effective Teaching Practices ensures that faculty learn about—and implement—the approaches that improve engagement and persistence and promote deeper learning.

ACUE logoThis 25-module course concentrates on teaching practices effective in face-to-face instruction. Comprehensive in scope and organized around five units of study, faculty members learn together in cohorts and implement approaches to design an effective course and class, establish a productive learning environment, use active learning techniques, promote higher order thinking, and assess in ways that inform instruction and promote deeper levels of learning.

This course addresses all of the core competencies in ACUE’s Effective Practice Framework and leads to a Certificate in Effective Instruction. It offers institutions an ideal way to expand the impact of their teaching centers and promote student success through great teaching, campus-wide.

What to Expect

Sign up for Final ACUE Cohort (starting Fall 2020)

Here’s what you can expect:

  • There are twenty-five modules. For most weeks, you will complete one module, but for other weeks you will complete two.
  • There are required monthly meetings, usually on Friday mornings.
  • Expect to spend at least three hours on each module.
  • For each module, you will watch some short videos, review/read material, complete a reflection assignment, and participate in discussion.
  • A national reader will read the reflections and grade you according to a rubric. If you do not complete the assignment satisfactorily, the reader will ask you for the missing information until it is considered complete.
  • For the assignment, you will select a technique or two from the module, you will implement the activity/technique in class, and you will write a reflection on how well it will. A rubric and checklist will provide guidance on the questions to address.
  • After the course is over, those who successfully complete all 25 modules by the due date will earn a stipend of $250.

ACUE Webinars for Teaching Online

Webinar topics, dates, and times: 

These one-hour, live webinars will include Q&A with participants and will be recorded and hosted by ACUE. Additional open educational resources to support effective online teaching are being offered in conjunction with OpenStax. Implementation resources related to each topic are available from ACUE's Online Teaching Toolkit.


ACUE Fellows

The following UA-PTC faculty and staff have successfully completed the ACUE Course on Effective Teaching Practices and have earned a certificate.

*An asterisk by the name indicates exemplary work.

Cohort 1, Spring 2018

Vondra Armstrong
Aiwei Borengasser*
Brenda Bradley
Casson Brock
Rachel Caruthers
Kent Douglas*
Kathryn Earney*
Robert Habimana
Christin Hankins
Kirsten Heintz*
Susan James*
Lindsay Kullenberg*
George Lauster
Michael  Loya
Joe McAfee*
Paula Miles
Mike Milligan*
Christy Oberste
Logan Oliver
Pat Pierce*
Jonathan Purkiss*
Jayne Pyle*
Meredith Stanton
Veronica Stewart
Kate Terrell*
Shannon Vaughn
Tammye Whitfield
Jessica Wise*
Jacqueline Wrignt

Cohort 2, Fall 2018

Allison Reavis*
April Hearne
Ashley Bell
Bobby Myers
Bradley Pierce
Danny Martin
Dorothy Martin
Elizabeth Reves
Eugene Rathfon*
Jacob Standley
Jennifer Atkins-Gordeeva*
Joan Dudley*
John Price
Jonathan Childs*
Julie Wright-Locke
Kelley Cowley*
Kimberly Kwee
Madhu Shaw Reniguntala
Mindy Hodges
Paige Redd
Rebecca Stone
Richard Moss*
Robert Coates
Sonya Russ*
Traci Johnston*

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