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Professional Development Institute: Mandatory and Required Training

Professional Development

Employee Mandatory and Required Training

Mandatory Training - required by state or federal law or by college or system policies. 

Required Training - required by college administration or department deans/directors for all or specific group of employees.

All UA-PTC employees, both faculty and staff, whether full- or part-time, are required to complete this training between July 1 and December 31 each year.

If you are a NEW EMPLOYEE, log into Workday and follow the prompts for assigned training in the Learning app.

The 8 Mandatory and Required training for new employees consists of:

  • Active Shooter,
  • Accommodating People with Disabilities,
  • Building Supportive Communities,
  • Child Abuse:  Mandatory Reporter,
  • Data Security & Privacy,
  • Discrimination & Harassment (UAPTC),
  • FERPA, and

If you are an EXISTING EMPLOYEE, you should have completed your Mandatory Training already.  If not, you can find links and information below.  Otherwise, the new term does not begin until July 1 and will be handled through Workday.

Verify Mandatory Training

Verify your mandatory training status:

Although you can request a PD transcript from, we ask that you minimize these requests to two per year as they are run manually. 

To verify your status for the current term, log into each system:


  • Log back into the US Government site to retrieve your certificate.


  • This UAMS site does not track completion status.
  • Check your sent folder in Outlook to see when/if you emailed the certificate to  This information is keyed to the Training Database in the week which they are received.

Mandated Reporter: 

Title IX:

  • This training and in Blackboard under My Courses and called RAPID/Title IX.  Log into the portal and open Blackboard.  Select the appropriate course and check “My Grades”.  These grades are pulled at the end of each month for input to the Training Database.

Three Public Safety Trainings:

  • These trainings (Active Shooter, Emergency Procedures, and Laura's Law) are located in Blackboard in the New Employee Training and in Staff/Professional Development courses.  Log into the portal and open Blackboard.  Select the appropriate course and check “My Grades”.  These grades are pulled at the end of each month for input to the Training Database.

FERPA For Faculty & Staff

FERPA Training

New FERPA training is located at US Department of Education:  FERPA Training

Course duration 35-45 minutes.  

  1. Register for the site using your UAPTC email and set a password that you will remember.  (This system is not connected to our Active Directory and will not maintain your password to coincide with your email. This is similar to how our Mandated Reporter training works on the UAMS site)
  2. Once registered, a list of available trainings will display.  Select 2023 FERPA 101: Colleges & Universities.
  3. When finished with the training, certificate information will display.  "Close" the training using the button on the top right. 
  4. Click on the orange "Download Your Certificate" button and save the certificate as a pdf and email a copy to

Your Certificate will look like this:

HIPAA Training

HIPAA Training

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Its primary goal is to assure that individuals’ health information is properly protected while allowing health information to be shared needed.

Accessing HIPAA Training and Submitting Certificate to PDI

This training is offered through UAMS, so some of the information applies particularly for that campus. If you are working with another medical organization, you would obviously follow the rules and procedures for that entity.

Important: This training will not work in all browsers. You may get a pop-up alert that tells you to use Google Chrome 17, Safari 5.1, or Internet Explorer 9 or later, if you are using a non-supported browser.    

1. Level 1 Training - All employees need to take only this one

  • This training is for individuals who will not have direct access to patients such as job shadowers, volunteers, and most employees.
  • Click the title/link to begin this training. The slideshow will automatically run.
  • After you complete this training, follow the directions to print a certificate of completion.
  • The system does not maintain a history of completion.  If you do not capture the certificate when you finish the training, you may have to retake it to get the certificate.  

2. HIPAA Required Privacy and Security Training - AHEC Program employees need to take this one

  • This training is required for all UA-PTC Allied Health employees, students, and individuals with access to patient information.
  • Click the title/link to begin this training.
  • Read the slideshow and take the quiz. You will not be able to print a certificate unless you pass the quiz, and you cannot hit the "back" button. If you do, you will have to redo the entire slideshow.
  • Follow the instructions for printing your certificate of completion.
  • The system does not maintain a history of completion.  If you do not capture the certificate when you finish the training, you may have to retake it to get the certificate.  

3. Submitting your Certificate of Completion

To submit a copy of your certificate of completion:

  1. Right click and select Print and "Save as PDF" as Destination  OR
  2. Take a screenshot and save the file as a PDF or jpeg.
  3. Send a digital copy to so we can record your completion in our database.

Sample of Certificate:

Mandated Reporter

Mandated Reporter Training

The purpose of this online course is to help all Arkansas Mandated Reporters understand their critical role in protecting children by recognizing and reporting child abuse. As employees of an institution of higher education with students under the age of 18, we are considered Mandated Reporters. Everyone who suspects child abuse or neglect should call the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline to make a report, but Mandated Reporters are required by law to do so.

Instructions for accessing the Mandated Reporter Training: (detailed instructions)

  1. Click the following: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse: Training for Arkansas Mandated Reporters
  2. Complete the pre-test, self-paced training, and post-test.
  3. Save the Certificate of Completion as a PDF and send it to Your certificate will be sent to Human Resources once we record the information into our database.


  • This training must be taken yearly.
  • New Users: You will probably have to complete the registration process if you have never completed Mandated Reporter training through this system. If so, click “Register for an account” to begin. Write your information down somewhere, as you will need it each year.
  • Returning Users: If you have completed Mandated Reporter training before, you just need to sign in and begin the training. Please note that you will be able to see past certificates of completion.
  • High School Teachers: Licensed educators in Arkansas seeking to fulfill the professional development child maltreatment requirement please go to If you have already completed this training or are required by your school to complete it in another venue, please forward a copy of your certificate to

Title IX: Sexual Discrimination Training

Title IX Training (Sexual Discrimination)  

Title IX training is available only in Blackboard through the Campus Portal. Locate the “RAPID Training/Title IX” in Blackboard under the heading of "My Courses".  Once you open the course, click on the tab for Course Content and then the link for Responsible Authority Proficiency in Incident Disclosure (RAPID).  This will open a new window for you to complete the training.  When the course is done, it will prompt you to complete a short quiz.

No need to send in anything when completing this training.  Completers are pulled from the gradebook at the end of each month and updated in the Training database.

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