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Professional Development Institute: Upcoming PD

Professional Development

Upcoming Training


Spring 2022 Professional Development Week
Call for Proposals

January 11-14, 2022

Have a topic you would like to share with your colleagues? Now’s your chance! We are looking for presenters for PD Week.  Submit a proposal!
Submit a Proposal
While almost any topic is acceptable, we are specifically looking for the following topics:
Outlook, SharePoint, and other technology tools
Soft skills (Customer Services, Communication, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, etc.)

Note: January 10 is reserved for school and department meetings, so training may not be scheduled for that day

Submit a Proposal: Submit a proposal!
Questions? Want us to offer a specific topic or training? Send an email:

Visit the PDI Libguide and Website for information on Professional Development opportunities and training events.
PDI Libguide
Upcoming Training
Past Training
Faculty Development
Professional Development

PDI Website


Mandatory Training

The timeline for Mandatory Training is here and due for completion by December 31, 2021 for ALL employees. The annual mandatory training includes:

  • Mandated Reporter
  • And the new and improved Title IX training! The new version is much shorter and located in Blackboard. It takes about 10-20 minutes to complete followed by a short quiz. 

You can find information and links to these on the tab "Mandatory and Required Training".


 Want us to offer a specific topic or training? Email


register button

Please register early for any of the sessions you wish to attend. Sessions with low enrollment may be canceled or rescheduled.

To register, click the "register here" included beside the title of the session you want. In some cases, you will be able to register for several sessions on the same form. For others, you will need to follow a different registration link.

Other Links

Past PD Opportunities

List of past professional development sessions offered through PDI.

Online Professional Development

Online Professional Development Opportunities

During this time we do not have face-to-face training scheduled.  There are several online opportunities for our employees to access.  You can complete these anywhere you have access to a computer and the Internet. Keep in mind that you must register for access, which is not automatic. We have to manually put you into the system. Each page has instructions for registering.  Before requesting access to these courses, please log into Blackboard to see if you already have it.  

Mandatory Training (July 1 2019-June 30, 2020)
New Employee Training (Due within first 90 days of employment)
Staff Development Each session takes about an hour to complete
Faculty Development Each video is 20 minutes long
Leadership Development Each session takes about an hour to complete
Teaching Online  Most of the modules are 20-minute videos with 2-question quizzes.
Digital Instructor The program consists of three levels, Basics of online learning and then Advanced tools and topics in the second and third levels. (Level 1 Self-Paced)

We offer training year-round, but we do have times when offering live training is less than optimal. Online opportunities are available 24/7. In other cases, we are gearing up for a major training event (like PD Week), and that training is listed separately, under the Upcoming Training tab.

If you do not see upcoming training listed below, click the down-arrow beside Upcoming PD (above) to see what's happening.

Want us to schedule training on a specific topic?

If there's training you would like for us to schedule, let us know.

DE&I Training

If you would like PD Credit for completing these, save the attached to your computer and rename it for each video.  Complete one evaluation per training and email the completed forms to   Individual Video Evaluation

Building Effective Communities Across Difference

Presented by:  Rev. Jamie Washington, M.Divs., PhD, Video Link– PD Credit 30 Minutes
Diversity means little in a student organization … unless it exists in the context of community.
In this insight-filled National Center for Student Leadership presentation, Building Effective Communities Across Difference, the program presenter explains:
* How we see ourselves – and how others see us – as individuals, as group members, and in an organizational context
* How our relationships are defined by ideas, behaviors, feelings, attitudes, and core values
* How to build trust and commitment within communities
* How to create an environment for success and growth
* How to address issues of power and privilege in meaningful ways
* How to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate progress

How Can I Make the Activities in My Course More Inclusive?

Presented by:  Elizabeth Harrison, Ph.D., Video Link – PD Credit 30 Minutes
As an educator, you know how important it is to challenge your students’ assumptions.
But students dealing with physical, cognitive, and other barriers to learning might not be able to participate fully in some activities because of their challenges.  This session will show you a practical approach to making accommodations and promoting equitable opportunity for learning and engagement for all your students.

Why is Intercultural Competency Important and How Can it Improve My Teaching?
Presented by:  Kate Sweeney, MS, Video Link  – PD Credit 30 Minutes
This program is designed to teach learners what intercultural competence is, why it’s important, and how to build it in both faculty and students. Explore some of the cultural differences instructors are likely to face in the classroom along with myths surrounding intercultural competence.  Participants learn to reflect on their own assumptions that they bring to the classroom, as well as strategies to overcome assumptions and foster a more culturally responsive approach to teaching.

Departmental Training

If your department is doing in-house training, let us know about it in advance.  We can make it official professional development, so your faculty and staff can get credit for attending.  We will at least have a record of their attendance, so if you have a question about who attended a specific training, we will have it in the database.

What we are going to request from you:information icon

  • Title of the session
  • Description of the session
  • Location of the session
  • Date and time (start and end)
  • Name and title of the presenters

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