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CSE Format: Book with personal author(s)

Book with One Author



Material Type           In-text Citation              End Reference                                                        
Book with one author         (MacDonald 2007)

MacDonald RG. 2007. Biochemistry. New York (NY): McGraw Hill.


Book with two authors       (McKee T and McKee JT 2009)                                       

McKee T, McKee JR. 2009. Biochemistry: the molecular basis of life. 4th ed. New York (NY): Oxford University Press.


Book with three or more authors              (Bowsher et al. 2008)

Bowsher C, Steer M, Tobin A. 2008. Plant biochemistry. New York (NY): Garland Science.


Electronic book (Web) (King 1981)

King JC. 1981. The biology of race [Internet]. Berkeley (CA): University of California Press; [cited 2010 Dec 8]. Available from:


Electronic book (College database)


(Carlson 2010)   

Carlson RH. 2010. Biology is technology: the promise, peril, and new business of engineering life [Internet]. Cambridge (MA): Harvard University Press; [cited 2011 Jan 25]. Available from NetLibrary: 

(Williams and Johnson 2008)

Williams R, Johnson P. 2008. Genetic policing: the use of DNA in chemical investigations [Internet]. Portland (OR): Willan Publishing; [cited 2010 Nov 30]. Available from NetLibrary:


e-book reader (McRae 2006)

McRae C. 2006. Fathers of biology [eReader]. [Place unknown]: Public Domain Books. Nook.


(Carlson 2011)

Carlson RH. 2011. Biology is technology: the promise, peril, and new business of engineering life. [eReader]. Cambridge (MA): Harvard University Press. Kindle. 


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