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CSE Format: Magazine Article

Magazine article

Material Type           In-text Citation              End Reference                                                        

Magazine article from print publication


(Misteli 2011)

Misteli T. 2011. The inner life of the genome. Sci Am 304(2): 66-73.                                                    

Magazine article from the Internet (freely available)


(Scholz 2006)                                       Scholz S. 2006. The POETICs of industrial carbon dioxide emissions in Japan: an urban and institutinal extension of the IPAT identity. Carbon Balance Manag. [Internet] [cited 2010 Jul 29]. 1(11). Available from
Magazine article from an College database

(Witze 2011)


Witze A. 2011. Rivers in the sky: atmospheric bands of water vapor can cause flooding and extreme weather. Sci News.  [Internet] [cited 2011 Mar 16]; 176(5):20-21. In Academic OneFile database. Available from:


(Pyle 2010)

Pyle AM. 2010. Touching RNA. Scientist [Internet] [cited 2011 Jan 23]. 24(9):35-39. In General Science Full Text database. Available from





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