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Professional Development Institute: Digital Instructor

Professional Development

Level 1 Information

Level 1 is a "live" course, which basically means participants will be working through the modules in the same order and at the same pace. This course is designed to give faculty the student perspective, to give them a more realistic idea of how students perceive online courses. Faculty will have a better understanding of the workload and time requirements, efficacy of utilizing various tools, and more insight into the technical issues our students may experience. This course will be offered once per fall and spring semesters.

The Digital Instructor Program

Digital Instructor Program

Digital Instructor is a new program developed for faculty who teach online or who use a learning management system, like Blackboard, to supplement their courses. The program consists of three levels, starting with the basics of online learning and moving to more advanced tools and topics covered in the second and third levels. Each level must be completed in order, but faculty may participate in two levels at the same time.

Level 1: Basics

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  • This is a "live" course, meaning faculty will participate as students and have quizzes, assignments, and deadlines.
  • This course includes five modules, in addition to several Blackboard courses offered through Blackboard Support. The modules include an introduction to teaching online at UA-PTC, teaching online versus face-to-face, accessibility, building community, and student engagement.
  • The course is scheduled to run from September 2 to October 6.  Faculty must register by August 29, if they wish to participate this semester.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is now a special self-paced version of this course. Register now.


Level 2: Intermediate (Self-paced, Online)

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  • This is a self-paced course, and modules may be completed in any order.
  • Modules include assessments, assignments, course management, discussion, grading, feedback, instructor presence, legal aspects, and interactivity/active learning.
  • You must complete Level 1 before you can get credit for completing Level 2, but you can work on both at the same time.
  • Register for Level 2


Level 3: Advanced (Self-paced, Online)

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  • This is a self-paced course, and modules may be completed in any order.
  • Modules are still being developed but will include course design, course improvement, social presence, collaboration, using videos, and online tools. In addition to common modules, faculty will have the opportunity to select from a list of online tools (screencasting, audio presentations, videoconferencing, etc.).  Do not expect access right away, as more modules need to be developed. Registering puts you on the list to start once the course is ready.
  • Register for Level 3 



Use the links above to register for the level/s you wish to get access to. Registration is not automatic, so you cannot start working in the courses right away. Once you have been added to the course, which is housed in Blackboard, you will get a confirmation and welcome letter that will tell you how to proceed.


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